Munster Motorcycle Training : Initial Basic Training

IBT, Initial Basic Training, means that a new motorcyclist will have to attend and pass a 16 hour training course. Th course is in modular format and module 1 will have to be passed before moving on to module 2, and so on.

On successful completion of the course the student will receive a stamped certificate. This allows the student to ride unaccompanied on road. BIKETRAINING will be providing this course and will provide the safety equipment and bikes.

Training will be conducted in an approved secure area exclusive to BIKETRAINING.
Yes, you will learn about motorcycles, motorcycle safety equipment, motorcycle maintenance, routine checks, insurance, licensing issues, security and most importantly you will learn how to handle and control the motorcycle and how to behave on  road. Module’s 2 and 3 will take place in a secure enclosed compound.

Brendan Power has 30 year’s riding experience and is 10 years instructing. Having delivered group training over many years it is found to be very rewarding and a great way to make friends who share your passion for motorcycling.

MODULE 1 consists of 3 hours classroom theory,                   2 students per session.
MODULE 2 consists of 5 hours training area,                          2 students per session.
MODULE 3 consists of 2 hours theory/ training area,              2 students per session.
MODULE 4 consists of 6 hours road riding,                             2 students per session.

After successfully completing the course the student will have achieved a level of competence that will enable them to ride safely on road, they should also be able to make informed decisions on purchasing protective gear, bikes, and related equipment.

BIKETRAINING is committed to providing high quality cost effective training

Initial Basic Training (IBT) €450 for 16 hour complete course. Bikes provided while training

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