Munster Motorcycle Training Courses

I provide a high level of quality training and this is borne out by a pass rate of 100% for those students who apply themselves to the task. I have the qualifications, experience and skills to help you improve your riding.

Beginner | Novice | Pre Test | Intermediate | Advanced | Insurance Assessment | Star Rider

Beginner – 2 Hours

Introduction to bike and equipment. Familiarisation with weight, balance and controls. I can meet you at your home if you have a bike. I find that 2 hours of training is about as much as a new comer can handle. Fatigue and lack of concentration can set in. There is so much to learn and I don’t want to overload a student. We progress at a pace that suits you. top


Novice – 2 Hours

For someone with basic bike knowledge/Skills. The student is instructed to ride correctly using the controls systematically and getting in place that all important default mechanism of safety. top

Pre Test – 2 -3 Hours

Pretest students may have as little as a year’s experience, or could have covered many thousands of miles over years of riding. The test has been made more difficult in recent times meaning that you have to be a better rider to pass. An examiner will spot an untrained rider immediately. Waiting times have shortened dramatically and a rider should be at a level that would enable him/her to pass the test before they apply to be tested. Get your training done early, then you have time to practice your technique. top


Intermediate/Post Test/Born Again

Those of you who hold full licences and been away from biking for a while will benefit from a course of instruction on your return. Intermediate level riders who may only ride seasonally will also benefit. While you were dormant riding skills will have regressed. top


You owe it to yourself and your family to be as good a rider as possible. Confidence and competence are good if you possess them in equal measure. Perceived ability is often very different from actual ability. Achieving an advanced riding qualification puts you among the best and greatly stacks the odds in your favour, Insurance companies reward your achievement and offer up to 35% reduction in premium and will also cover you on the bike of your choice. top


Assessment rides for insurance companies

AON/AXA or Quinn Direct

Very briefly what happens is

  1. Your licence/insurance are checked and noted.
  2. Your bike/equipment are checked and noted.
    (You may need to hire my bike and insurance to do the assessment)
  3. You will be briefed on the format of the assessment.
  4. I will follow you while in radio contact and I will observe your style/technique and make a mental note of your performance.
  5. We stop and discuss your performance and I may suggest remedial action to put right issues that may have surfaced during your assessed ride.
  6. I will then do a demonstration ride to show you what is required, a period of instruction follows where you or I will ride in front in order to observe and be observed.
  7. We are 2 ½ hours into the session, now the last half hour is where I finally assess you.
  8. Then complete a score sheet which gives us a mark of your ability.
  9. Depending on your score, you may be entitled to, insure a bike or indeed earn a discount on a premium. top
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