Munster Motorcycle Training

Instruction Costs


  • Hourly instruction is €40 per hour.
  • AON and Quinn Assessments are €150 (3 Hours)
  • Bike hire and insurance cover are €100 per assessment (3 Hours)
  • Beginners 2 Hours €80 Bike hire/Insurance/Protective Gear extra
  • Novice 2 Hours €80
  • Pre Test 2 Hours €80
  • Intermediate/Post test 3 Hours €120
  • Potential riders should come and ride one of my bikes (equipment provided) and have 2 hours of training before deciding if biking is for them.
  • Advanced 4-8 Hours €150 – €300 (Half or Full day)

Bikes available two Suzuki 125cc’s, Suzuki 500cc, Honda 600cc & Honda 650cc

Insurance cover provided on school bike

Protective equipment also available

Protective equipment may save your life in a crash! Better to avoid testing that equipment by improving your skill, control and observation

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