Munster Motorcycle Training 

Motorcycling has to be one of life’s true adventures, your motivation for getting on a bike may be as straightforward as cutting you commuting time and expenses, or you may have greater aspirations like getting your knee down on a race track, riding off into the sunset on an overseas tour, or indeed exploring nearer to home finding out where all those lesser known tracks and boreens lead to. The motorcycle opens up endless possibilities to those who really want to experience true freedom of travel.

Year round riding has become the norm for lots of us, our seasons are not so extreme and motorcycle clothing has improved hugely, you can ride through a thunderstorm and be perfectly dry and warm

In order to enjoy the experience completely you must be able to ride the motorcycle competently, the operation and control of the machine should be flawless, can you imagine the amount of observation that would go amiss if the rider was still struggling with the position and function of the various controls. The motorcycle responds well to rider input and in fairness should be an easy piece of machinery to handle “every control needed is within an inch of your fingers and toes!”

Whether we meet or not I ask you to take a look at the rule relating to speed in the Rules of the Road. This is one of the fundamental rules governing road users, one that is rarely talked about or enforced.

“A driver must not drive a vehicle at a speed exceeding that which will enable him to stop within the distance he can see to be clear”


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